Recruitment Services

Tek1 engineering services provide recruitment services for IT, Engineering, Drafting, and other skilled professional to Middle East, USA and Australia

We have developed, tested and found benefits of our method. Main part is an online test delivered to the client at controlled environment where we are able to screen in candidates who are extremely likely to perform on the job.

Initially we have developed this method to make our own internal recruitment process efficient. Now we are offering the same services to the wider industry.

With offices in Chennai, Melbourne, and affiliates in Kochi, Bangalore, Dammam, we are well positioned to meet your recruitment needs efficiently.

Why you should use TES over other recruiting agencies.

“Like an archer who wounds at random is one who hires a fool or any passer-by.” –
Ancient Proverb

(1) The Minimisation of The Risk Associated in Hiring Costs
The entire philosophy of online testing can be summed up thus:

“A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on
and suffers the consequences.” – Ancient Proverb

You can avoid hiring ineffectual candidates if you see them well in advance. It will save you a lot
of time and money.


Some Costs Associated With Hiring:
Hiring, training and retaining staff is a hazardous enterprise. Expenses are considerable and it
may be a long time till staff can be effectively deployed. Some expenses include:

  • 1 year’s worth of wages. Or however long it takes for the trainee staff to get to a stage
    where they can generate revenue.
  • Computers for new recruits, and licensing costs.
  • Office space,
  • The valuable time taken by knowledgeable staff to explain how to do things to the new
  • The costly process of checking trainee work.

At the end of it, if staff are entirely incapable of learning technical concepts and applying them, then your investment will have been wasted. Why not check if staff are capable before hiring

(2) Staff Have to Prove Basic Competence

If a trainee claims to have studied engineering and claims to have achieved a gold medal rank –
and if he or she fails to answer simple algebra questions: then this raises some questions.
Perhaps they are incapable of learning and/or applying technical concepts?

(3) Conclusion: Online Testing is but one tool in assessing the technical aptitude of

Our testing and screening methods minimises the risk of hiring candidates who will be incapable of learning and/or applying technical concepts to a particular problem. In other words, it helps eliminate ineffective candidates for certain technical roles.

(4) Our Experience With our internally developed Testing and screening methods: Extremely Positive

We have found it extremely useful so far, with all of our recruits being extremely precocious at
developing technical skills. This was a far cry from our previous recruiting policy, where we found
that staff were simply unable to grasp complex technical concept.